2020 Alone Shows Trump is Worst President Ever

Tony Davis
4 min readJul 11, 2020

Bottom line up front, if you are still a Trump supporter, you have motivations that escape me. If you didn’t like Obama or thought Clinton was just so objectionable that you had to vote for Trump, ok. I disagree with you, but that was an argument for four years ago. That time has passed.

If you could look past his mocking of a handicapped reporter, making fun of John McCain’s military service, bragging about grabbing women by the pussy, proudly announcing that if Ivanka weren’t his daughter, he’d be dating her, ok. I don’t believe that reflects well upon your judgment or character, but it’s your choice. Again, that time has passed.

Perhaps you sincerely believed Trump was an inspired leader, a man of impeccable business credentials, a truly ethical example worthy of emulation, and the kind of man we needed to lead our country. The evidence never supported any of this. And as this is not a matter of opinion or preference, but verifiable fact, these beliefs were never justified. Only the most incurious and willfully ignorant person would not be aware that Trump is, in fact, a poor leader, a failed businessman, and perhaps the most immoral and unethical person to ever hold elected office.

But forget all we know about Trump pre-2020. Let’s pretend just for the moment that Trump hasn’t shown criminal, racist, misogynist, and xenophobic behavior for decades. Consider just the past six months. The year 2020 alone has provided ample evidence to establish Trump is almost certainly the worst president in U.S. history, without question the worst in our lifetime. The self-proclaimed singular leader, stable genius, and law and order president who cares about our military and veterans is a caricature of someone doing everything in his power to be precisely the opposite.

Singular leader?

The abysmal leadership on display with the current coronavirus pandemic alone puts the lie to Trump’s self-proclaimed greatness. The existence of the novel coronavirus is not Trump’s fault. But that is about the only thing to be said in his defense concerning the U.S. response to COVID-19.

By almost any conceivable measure, the United States’ response to this health crisis is among the worst on the planet, perhaps the very worst. At the time of this writing, the United States has 26% of reported COVID-19 cases and 24% of global deaths. And keep in mind the U.S. only has 4.25% of the world’s population. And this is getting worse. There were 63,900 new cases in the U.S. today alone. Currently, the United States is reporting more new cases every single day than Wuhan China had total.

Trump’s America is not only doing abysmally; we are alone in our inadequate response to this pandemic. None of our peer-competitors are failing as we are. Daily coronavirus infections in countries like Australia, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, Greece, Argentina, and many others are relatively non-existent when compared to the United States. It is so bad that Americans are not allowed to travel to the European Union or Canada. In a practical sense, Trump is finally getting his wall. But our closest allies are building it and America is paying for it.

Stable genius?

Trump just bragged about passing a simple cognitive test, even going on to say the doctors were surprised. Patients typically have cognitive tests because their medical providers question the patient’s cognitive abilities. If the patient passes, and the doctors are surprised by the passing score, it is because they didn’t expect the subject to pass. After bragging about his performance, Trump is unwilling to share the test results. Curious that.

Law and order president?

Never mind Trump’s long history of criminal activity. Never mind his stealing from business associates, charities, veterans, students. Look only at the way he has abused his presidential powers to ensure his impressive list of criminal associates does not pay their debt to society. Trump just commuted Roger Stone’s 40-month prison sentence slated to begin in a few days. Law and order? I think not. A law and order president would allow criminals like Stone (and D’Souza, Goldsteyn, Arpaio, and others) to serve sentences handed down by the criminal justice system.

Does he care about our troops?

It is abundantly clear that Trump knowingly ignored credible intelligence that Russia was paying bounties for Taliban fighters to kill U.S. and allied soldiers. The closest thing to a defense on this charge is that he was too lazy to read his Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) reporting this intelligence. So, the president is either treasonous or criminally lazy. Neither one is acceptable. And look at how he treated actual military heroes, you know, those who didn’t fake bone spurs to avoid military service. Just one example, again from this year, is LTC Alexander Vindman. Alexander Vindman demonstrated the Army Values of Leadership, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage when he was called before Congress. Vindman did the right thing as an Army Officer and a loyal citizen. Congress was carrying out their Constitutional oversight authority. In response, Trump fired Vindman, who is now retiring, likely much earlier than he would have otherwise.

No, Donald Trump is not a stable genius, law and order president, who cares about our troops. He was able to identify a drawing of a camel (the Montreal Cognitive Assessment is laughably simple), routinely abuses his powers, and has betrayed his sacred responsibility to the American people.



Tony Davis

Tony Davis is a professional writer, adventure travel junkie, and author of God Loves You: Some Restrictions May Apply (and Many Other Christian Dilemmas)