Matching Yoda with the bedding was purely incidental and not planned.

Living With Yoda (the Cat)

The first time I took Yoda “for a walk”, fully in PPE due to coronavirus. He was unimpressed with the view and never left my jacket pocket.
Yoda peeking out from under the coffee table.
Admit it, Yoda is the cutest kitten in the history of kittens.
I’m trying to work, but Yoda has other plans. I’m not sure what those plans are, but Yoda has them.
I’m not sure when he learned to get up there, but it’s a thing now. Yoda likes hanging out there.
OK, so Yoda doesn’t always sleep in my lap. He basically sleeps wherever he wants.

Tony Davis is a professional writer, adventure travel junkie, and author of God Loves You: Some Restrictions May Apply (and Many Other Christian Dilemmas)

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